Frequently Asked Questions

- Who are you?

I'm Emily Bloo, an student living in the U.K. I study English literature, and in my spare time have started this blog as a way of archiving my journey into a mystery that I've recently become enamoured with. I've always been into cryptography, language and history, so this seems like a perfect little thing for me to do! I hope you enjoy reading :)

- What's this site for?

thepapermachine.neocities.org is my little website to catalouge my amatuer 'investigation' into exactly what the title suggests. There's barely any documentation on the web AT ALL regarding this phenomenon, so I wanted to create a little repository of information surrounding it. If you have any information regarding The Paper Machine, PLEASE let me know and visit my contact page to find my email.

- What is 'The Paper Machine'?

See the first post on the home page for a long explanation, but in brief:

The Paper Machine is a machine donated to a certain British Museum in the 1980s by an anonymous donor. Every day, it prints a page of random numbers, which no one has been able to decipher. Everything surrounding the machine is seemingly obscured (whether intentionally or not), and I intend to at least find out PART of the truth behind it's creation, inventor, usage, etc. (even if there is any). I'll update this blog weekly with my research and findings.

- Can I write about this/you?

Absoloutly, but please link to this website if you do :) The more exposure this gets, the more chance I'll have of finding someone who's involved with it in some way.

- Can you share any pictures of the machine?

Sadly, not currently. Obviously it's locked away pretty tightly in the museum archives. I'd love to get access to it one day, and have requested to see it (and perhaps photograph it) in the future, but for now I'll have to wait until the museum get back to me (which should hopefully be in the next couple of weeks).

‘100 101 115 112 97 105 114 32 105 115 32 116 104 101 32 110 97 116 117 114 97 108 32 115 116 97 116 101 32 111 102 32 116 104 101 32 105 110 100 105 118 105 100 117 97 108 44 32 110 111 32 109 97 116 116 101 114 32 116 104 101 32 115 116 97 116 117 115’

11 June 2022